What is co-active coaching and why would I want it?

Co-active coaching is the only relationship you will ever have in life where two people (the client and the coach) are both totally focused on the client's goals. The power for change comes from the process both follow.The coach does not bring the agenda, the client does. Success is based on courageous truth telling, trust and confidentiality. There is not another thing in this world that will allow the growth, satisfaction and success that co-active coaching can.

This type of coaching builds a "safe space" that you can come to to explore your hopes and dreams, admit and change what is hindering you and get tailored, experienced help to achieve your goals.

How can coaching help executives, management, and soft skill development?

As an executive, business owner, or manager, you are asked to optimize your own and your colleagues' effectiveness, develop potential, watch the bottom line, and make a lot of tough decisions. For most of this you live in a "vacuum", no one you can talk with candidly, no one with more business experience and no one who can help you learn what you need to learn to be successful. Maybe you have experienced the help a mentor can be, maybe not, but a coach is focused on helping you individually, on a regular basis, with complete confidentiality. No internal coach or mentor can do that.

How can coaching help me in my career change?

When you are making a career change, either voluntarily or not, you need a frame-work to plan and take action to move yourself forward. Through a thorough assessment, we can work to develop a "template" of what you would need from a new career to maximize your natural talents and abilities plus the experience you now have. If you don't take the time to develop this, you will end up trying to fit yourself into someone else's idea of what you should do. This frequently ends up adding another line to your resume, and extends the time you will spend not working on what you want. Additionally, with the built-in accountability of coaching, you will stay on track through the ups and downs of this process.

What is the usual process of coaching with you?

It really depends on your needs.  If you have had any assessments done in your career they can be a helpful starting point. Normally, then we spend quite a bit of time during our intake session to establish what your core values and goals are and what you want to achieve through coaching ( what would your world look like if you met all your current goals?)

The process of coaching is usually done on a weekly telephone call, but can be adapted to your needs. You will frequently have assignments to complete before the next session and we'll check your progress. Other coaching tools will be used as needed to get you everything you'll need to achieve your success.

What does it cost to participate in coaching?

Once again it depends on the goal, its complexity and time-frame and your willingness to commit your time to the process. Coaching costs vary according to the skills and experience of the coach, what you want from coaching and the time it will take to accomplish your goals. Coaching has been shown to return a 5:1 ratio of return on your investment. The investment is tied to your current position, responsibilities and span of control. When we have our sample session, be can discuss the specifics.

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